G4G10 wrap up

The 10th Gathering for Gardner (G4G10) was held in Atlanta, Georgia in the final week of March 2012. Here are some some photos tagged g4gx at Flickr; more are available with the g4g10 tag. Scott Kim designed G4G10 conference logo:

The conference opened at the Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library with a well-attended exhibition of mathematical art and public lectures on Gardner-related themes. These library events were open to the general public throughout the conference.

The G4G10 conference itself had 297 official conference registrants, 54 of whom were accompanied by a guest.

This G4G10 Program and Gift Exchange Summary (PDF; 13p) gives a good idea of the conference content. There were 131 submitted G4G10 Gift Exchange Abstracts (PDF, 30 pgs), and roughly the same number of papers submitted for the G4G10 Exchange Book.

There were 16 sales table participants and 20 exhibit room participants.

The G4G10 conference registration system was hosted at http://www.conftool.com/g4g10.

Less than two weeks after G4G10 ended, Thomas Malin Rodgers, Jr., the original creator of the inaugural G4G conference in 1993 and the main organizer of all subsequent conferences through this year’s G4G10, died after a struggle with cancer.

The G4G Foundation thanks the Simons Foundation: it was a major supporter of G4G10. Many conference participants also donated money and time, for which we were very grateful.

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