The 3rd Annual Martin Gardner Celebration of Mind

Contact: Mark Setteducati, member, Board of Directors, Gathering 4 Gardner


October 21, 2012 would have been the late Martin Gardner’s 98th birthday. In honor of the occasion, the Gathering 4 Gardner Foundation is pleased to announce Celebration of Mind gatherings around the world on and around that date to honor his legacy and help propagate his fascination with a wide range of intellectual pursuits to new generations.

Noted for making mathematics accessible to general audiences, Gardner was known for works from a column in Scientific American to the classic Lewis Carroll reference TheAnnotated Alice. Even those who don’t recognize his name will be familiar with ideas he helped popularize, from the work of M.C. Escher to flexagons and a method to determine the day of the week on a particular date. He’s influenced the likes of Douglas Hofstadter (Gödel, Escher, Bach) and Scott Kim (Inversions).

Gardner passed away in May 2010 at the age of 95. Toward the end of his life, Gatherings
for Gardner (G4G) started bringing people together to explore mathematics, science,
art, magic, puzzles and more. Delighted by the Gatherings, Gardner expressed hope
they would continue after his lifetime, and in that spirit, all those whose share any of his
fascinations are invited to attend or host a Gathering this year. Last year, at 70 events
around the world, fans of Gardner took delight in introducing others to the wonders of an
eternally curious mind, with math puzzles, logic puzzles, hexaflexagons and Möbius strips, magic and card tricks and visual paradoxes.

Organizers are hoping to repeat last year’s success, which saw Gatherings on all seven
continents, with even more events and interesting offerings. If you love puzzles, math,
Lewis Carroll, critical thinking, and intellectual challenge, you’re encouraged to participate in an event in your area, or to host one of your own. You’ll find plenty of resources on the G4G site ( to help you locate events in your area or put together a full schedule of activities for your own.—————————————————————————————————————

About the Gathering 4 Gardner Foundation ( Gathering 4Gardner Foundation celebrates Martin Gardner’s life and work, and continues his pursuit of a playful and fun approach to mathematics, science, art, magic, puzzles and all of his other interests and writings. Each Gathering 4 Gardner event encourages participants to bring a magic trick, puzzle, recreational mathematics problem or story about Martin to share; events are archived online for general access.

Vi Hart on Hexaflexagons

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