Gathering 4 Gardner

G4G is a conference, a foundation, and a community of people who have a strong personal connection to Martin Gardner.


Following the example of the prolific Martin Gardner, Gathering for Gardner inspires fun and wonder for recreational mathematics, magic, puzzles, and art.


G4G is pleased to announce our collaboration with the 52 Master Pieces project.

Presented by David Cohen at the G4G12 conference, 52 Master Pieces is a free online puzzle contest designed to inspire creative thinking in a uniquely fun and original way. The contest began at 5:20pm EST on 5/20/16 on the website!

52 Master Pieces / G4G Partnership LOGO

All pages and puzzles in this contest are free for everyone, with 100% of proceeds from volunteer donations given to The Gathering for Gardner Foundation. We hope you will join us in supporting sharing this fun, free resource with students, teachers, friends, family, and puzzle-enthusiasts of all ages!

The Conference (Even Years)

G4G 12 took place in Atlanta, GA, at the downtown Ritz-Carlton hotel from the evening of Wednesday, March 30 — Sunday April 3, 2016.

The conference registration system was located [HERE] for conference goers. Anouncements were made at the site [].

Invitations are sent along with an individualized password so invitees can register and create their conference profile using a 'Conference Tool'. G4G 13 will be held in 2018.

You can read various Wrap-ups of most of the G4G conferences.

ZomeTool builders at Saturday picnic
G4G 11 Saturday picnic. Photo by Gus Miller.

G4G Videos

Here are a dozen+ great Videos mostly from G4G 11 — entertaining videos and curated interviews.

Below is a new video made for G4G12. Enjoy!

New for G4G12! Numbers, Pictures and Richard Guy (5¼ minutes) —

Celebration of Mind

The Gathering supports and organizes the annual Celebration of Mind.

Please enjoy our charming 2½ minute introduction to both CoM and to G4G:


Check out these Publications — posters and books related to G4G.

Who Supports Our Work?

Please meet our wonderful donors.

The Foundation is also financially supported by the community at large. Please consider making a donation today!

The G4G Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Financial contributions are tax-deductible.