Information added 1 December 2013 (scroll to bottom for the latest update)

Welcome to the G4G11 conference announcements page.

The eleventh Gathering for Gardner (G4G11) will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Ritz-Carlton Downtown hotel, 181 Peachtree Street, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia 30303.

The conference will begin in the early evening of Wednesday, 19 March 2014 and end in the early afternoon of Sunday, 23 March 2014.

Because space is limited, an invitation from the conference organizers is required to attend.  Invitations will be sent in rounds via email, beginning in the second half of December and then continuing into January (and later) until all spots are filled.

The conference registration site, which will be activated for registrations in early January, is located at http://www.conftool.com/g4g11.

Information added 27 December 2013

The theme of G4G11 is John Horton Conway.

No G4G11 invitations have been sent yet.   We anticipate starting in the next week or sooner.

G4G11 participants are strongly encouraged to provide a Gift Exchange item to fellow participants.  Your contribution may be a “Physical Exchange” (ie a puzzle or other item: please plan on 400 items), or a written contribution (eg, a PDF paper).

To ship your item in advance of the conference (preferred, but not necessary), address it to:

Scott Hudson, Direct Data Communication, 5475 Fulton Industrial Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30336

Information added 31 December 2013,  4:31pm Pacific time

We are starting to send invitations by email.  Please monitor spam folders.

Information added 23 January 2014, 10:50am Pacific time

Interested in finding a roommate at G4G11? Join this Google group to communicate with like-minded individuals:


Information added 20 Feb 2014, 10:56am Pacific time

The G4G Gift Exchange is an integral part of the Gatherings.

Each conference participant is asked to participate in the G4G Gift Exchange. For the past Gatherings we have exchanged gifts, papers, puzzles, and more between participants.

There are two ways to participate in the Gift Exchange. You may contribute a Physical Exchange item or submit an original article or paper to the G4G11 Exchange Book.

Physical Exchanges

If you are giving a Physical Exchange (for example, a puzzle, artwork, or some other physical item), please send 350 items (item count subject to change) to Scott Hudson by March 10th if possible:

Scott Hudson/G4G
Direct Data Communication
5475 Fulton Industrial Blvd, SW
Atlanta, GA 30336

We discourage bringing items directly to the Hotel as this creates problems with storage, transportation and fulfillment. If you must bring the exchange items to the Hotel, please notify Scott Hudson and make arrangements. We place a special emphasis on creativity and originality.

G4G11 Exchange Book

The G4G11 Exchange Book is for those who wish to submit papers as their exchange gift and also for those who wish to include descriptions, instructions, solutions etc. related to their physical gifts. Unlike in previous years, there will be no printed copy of the G4G11 Exchange book, and there will be no page charge for submitting such material. The book will be distributed in electronic form only, after the conference ends.

Information added 20 Feb 2014, 2:20pm Pacific time

Examples of previous G4G Gift Exchange items

Here are some gift exchange examples from previous G4Gs (with apologies to unnamed contributors!)

(1) Board game and its analysis (G4G7)

(2) Sicherman dice (the exchanger manufactured these two dice and distributed them in 300 small bags, each containing two dice) (G4G9; see photos below)

(3) GARDNER ball (Oskar van Deventer, Tom Rodgers, G4G10). A 3-D printed sculpture (G4G10).

(4) Puzzle book (“Balance Puzzles,” Dick Hess).

(5) The Secrets of Notakto: Winning at X-only Tic-Tac-Toe (a paper exchanged at G4G10).

Here are some photos of these previous gift exchange items.


Information added 21 Feb 2014, 1:05pm Pacific time

If you have questions about G4G11 exhibits, send email to exhibits@g4gn.com.

Information added 26 Feb 2014, 9:15am Pacific time

If you’re submitting a paper as a gift exchange item, please use conftool to submit it as PDF.  For G4G11, the Exchange Book will be delivered only electronically, and only as PDF.    If your G4G11 paper submission is larger than 10Mb (the conftool limit), please make other arrangements with the organizers by sending email to organizers@g4gn.com.

Information added 10 March 2013, 10:17am Pacific time

Currently, we are estimating that 350 registrants will participate in the G4G11 gift exchange.  We have no way of determining exactly how many attendees will participate in the Gift Exchange until the Gathering is over.  The 350 number may be lowered if we see indications in that direction.  All extras are donated to local schools, or if of a significant monetary value, returned at the attendee’s expense.

Information added 16 March 2014

The G4G11 talks schedule is completely full!  Thanks to all who have submitted proposals to speak.   The submission of new talk proposals is no longer possible.  It is still possible to update the title or abstracts of existing talk proposal submissions at the conftool site.

Information added 20 March 2014, 10:07am


Well over 100 different books will be on display outside the auditorium at G4G11. Most are display copies which are NOT available for sale. However, the majority of the titles can be ordered here through their publishers, who are offering discounts to G4G11registrants. Most books are offered at a 30% discount with free shipping.


There are a few titles for which a limited number of copies are available here on-site at the 30% discount rate. And their authors will be available for signings at times to be announced!

“Winning Ways Volume 1”, [2001 edition] by Berlekamp, Conway, and Guy.

According to Martin Gardner, “Winning Ways is the greatest contribution of the twentieth century to the burgeoning field of recreational mathematics…”

“Mathematical Puzzles” by Peter Winkler

According to Berlekamp, “Winkler’s book is a treasure chest filled with a fascinating collection of gems.”

“Games, Puzzles & Computation” by Robert Hearn and Erik Demaine.

According to Winkler, this book “makes a compelling case that theirs is the right way to determine the computational complexity of a game.”

“Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects” by Colm Mulcahy

According to Max Maven, this book is “filled with many original ideas that will keepmathematicians and magicians busy for a long time.”

“Mathematical Mind Benders” by Peter Winkler

According to Andy Liu, “Winkler’s book presents, from diverse sources with wit and humor, many interesting and challenging problems, both mathematicaland  otherwise. Like its predecessor, it is a must for the shelves of any problem connoisseur.”

“Polyominoes” [1994] by Solomon W. Golomb.

The original 1964 edition of this book inspired popular video games like Tetris (trademarked), while contributing to combinatorial geometry and tiling theory. This fully revised and expanded edition takes readers into the world of the deceptively simple polynomino.

“The Dots and Boxes Game” by Elwyn Berlekamp

This book is an essential guide to the child’s paper-and-pencil game called Dots andBoxes. It exposes the well-hidden mathematical underpinnings of the game, and provides an introduction to combinatorial game theory. An earlier, much-condensed version this book appears in Chapter 16 of Winning Ways Volume 3.

“Fair Game” by Richard Guy.

A much-condensed version of this extensive coverage of impartial games appears in Chapter 4 of Winning Ways.

* Rather than the original small book, only photocopies of this are available here forsigning at G4G11*

“Four Lives” by Raymond Smullyan

This “best of” collection of works by Raymond Smullyan features excerpts from his writings on logic puzzles, mathematical logic, and paradoxes, and many other topicspopularized by Martin Gardner.

* Due to health issues, Smullyan is unable to attend G4G11, but last weekend he signed a number of books which are now available here for sale.

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